Master of Wind Power Hoisting: XCA1200

Employing 12 core patents, XCA1200 all-terrain crane can rise to the challenges in the most tough construction sites.

It has an 89-m-long, 7-sectioned main boom and a 25.3-m-long folding crane jib, comfortably satisfying needs of hoisting any wind power turbines of up to 2.5MW. While performing a superlift operation, the lattice boom on the main boom will unfold, and then, the main boom will extend, and all done! That is as simple as a children’s play, and completely different from the conventional installation process from its rival cranes.

After all things are done, the lattice boom will fold and heap up back on the withdrawn main boom, getting ready for moving to a new site. The folding structure is easy to extend and withdraw, slashing the disassembling time by at least 20 minutes and eliminating the need of additional hoisting devices. Therefore, 2 hours are enough for the whole process of wrapping-up, the transit efficiency increased by 20% and obviously slashing the cost of transporting to a new site.

The folding technology is a globally pioneering one specially developed by XCMG based on unique needs from its customers. For a hoisting operation in a complex construction projects, such as petrochemical construction, bridge building and steel structure erection, only outriggers are to be replaced and an eighth section of crane jib added. The 8-sectioned main boom extends 102 meters at full length.

Truss-type Y-shaped superlift device, a much larger wind resistance performance, a large side-loading resistance performance; six mechanical drives together with a hydraulic drive of large reduction ratios; a gradeability of up to 38% while loaded with a wind power crane jib, superlift devices and outriggers …… all these phrases are exact descriptions of value-yield curves for customers.

Before its market launch, XCA1200 all-terrain crane had withstood destructive tests for 2 years against the testing standards for a 15-year-long service life and various extreme operating conditions. XCMG engineers from technology, marketing and quality inspection departments had refined each aspect of XCA1200 crane throughout the whole process of repeated trials.

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