XCMG’s Anti-explosion Loader Debuted at the 12th LAAD Defense & Security Expo.

Riocentro Exhibition Center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The 12th LAAD Defense & Security kicked off at Riocentro Exhibition Center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. XCMG’s star product: ZL50GV anti-explosion loader shined at the grand event, and captured attention from visitors, including officers of the armies, navies and air forces around the world, Rio de Janeiro military police and the Chinese military delegation.

XCMG Exhibition Booth at the 12th LAAD Defense & Security

The Brazilian Defense Show, also known as the Latin America Aerospace & Defense Exhibition (LAAD) and among the world’s most renowned and influential trade fairs for military and police affairs, traced back in 1997. Sponsored by Clarion Events Co., Ltd and having strong supports from various authorities in Brazil, including MOD, Navy, Army, Air Force, Judiciary, Public Security, Police, Firefighting and so on, it meets biennially as the biggest and most important trade fair for defense and security in Latin America.

XCMG’s ZL50GV anti-explosion loader

Besides more than 10 categories of products to be displayed at the event, including safety & protection equipment for the military and police, communication equipment for the military and police, remote control drones, ammunitions & weapons, emergency & rescue equipment, various panel meetings also take place, including military logistics seminar, video data analysis seminar, LAAD national defense seminar, LAAD security seminar, big data fusion seminar, anti-terrorism negotiation strategy seminar and so on.

A Visitor is Climbing onto XCMG’s ZL50GV Anti-explosion Loader.

This year’s exhibition attracted 650 military equipment manufacturers and over  40,000 spectators from more than 90 countries and regions

Mr. Yansong Wang, President of Brazil Association of Chinese Enterprises, Vice-president of XCMG Machinery, and XCMG Brazil Chairman, is briefing the groups of visitors on XCMG’s exhibitions.

Having long been committed to Latin America, XCMG has made great efforts to meet value-added needs from various customers in the market segment. To better serve key accounts in Brazilian military and police systems, XCMG has independently developed and designed specialized anti-explosion loader. Dressed in a dark gray camouflage coating, it looks so sleek and cool to locals in Brazil that they called it a Colossus (Black Titan).

Key Features of XCMG’s Anti-explosion Loader

▼ XCMG-branded engine, self-made transmission and drive axle, and other core components.

▼ Specially-developed bulletproof operator cabin, having withstood severe bulletproof tests and being compliant with NATO Class-I bulletproof requirements.

▼ Hydraulic-powered spraying system of various mode options, suitable for quickly dispersing violent mobs, extinguishing fires and cooling grounds.

▼ Operator cabin fully circled in 3 sides by patrol aisles, and full-surfaced abrasive floor.

ZL50GV anti-explosion loader is equipped with various core components: unique power and transmission systems; electrical and hydraulic systems being fully compliant with international sealing standards and having withstood the most rigorous tests; hoses and air reservoirs having high temperature protection functions; bulletproof operator cabin; water spraying system, patrol aisles fully circling the operator cabin; high brightness warning lights; multifunctional buckets and other special explosion-proof devices.

With upgraded bullet-proof and explosion-proof functions, it is compliant with NATO's Class-I bulletproof requirements and NATO's 4569 Class-II explosion-proof requirements—the highest requirements. In addition, it is equipped optionally with various military/police-specific security & defense apparatuses, including solid tyres, communication devices, traveling monitoring devices, and cameras.

Visitors and military and police officers are making an inspection tour of XCMG’s Exhibition Booth.

Mr. Yansong Wang, President of Brazil Association of Chinese Enterprises, Vice-president of XCMG Machinery, and XCMG Brazil Chairman, is posed for a photo with generals from Brazilian Military Engineering Department.

XCMG Brazil Firm: Going into Overdrive to Expand Beyond its Stronghold - South America

In 2012, XCMG set its foot on Brazil, sowing on this fertile land an acorn of its overseas operations, which have later burgeoned and grown into a towering oat: the first-ever overseas manufacturing base fully owned by XCMG went into operation on June 6, 2014 in Brazil. Having various functions, such as R&D, production, marketing, sales, services and spare part distribution, the 1.0 million sq. m. manufacturing base boasts the most advanced automatic operation facilities in Brazil and even across the entire South America, and rolled out 6 main categories of products: Crane, Loader, Excavator, Leveler, Pile Driver and Roller, becoming the first-ever and largest industrial compound by a Chinese construction machinery maker in Brazil.

XCMG Brazil Compound in Brazil.

Inspired by the customer-centered concept: Offering State-of-the-Art Products with Higher Durability & Leading Technology, XCMG Brazil Firm embarked on adaptive R&D efforts against top-class global brands and targeted markets, and launched a series of products suitable to South American users. In addition, seriously practicing its service tenet of Being Always at Your Fingertips, XCMG has made constant efforts in expanding its marketing & service network. 

Nowadays, it has formed a full-fledge service support system, providing high quality full-life-cycle services and winning widespread recognition among its local users.

XCMG Brazil Firm is Embarking on a Customer Outreach Program in 7 Countries Across South America.

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